1. Company


    The Company

    Dedicated to the development of collaborative models in the health sector, for different economic actors who are competitors.


    Implication in the efficiency, quality and continous improvement of the contracted services.


    From our self-reliance, we aspire to be a leading company for the insurance sector, in strategic supplies and complex services, under Advanced technological supports that generate exploitable massive database.


    Confidence,honesty, effort, innovation, quality, commitment, flexibility, competitiveness.

    Keys of our Management System

  2. Organization



    We are organized in project teams with a minimum hierarchical level company. Our collaborators and partners are entitled professional to take decision, which means great advantages as:

    • The administrator of each project has full responsibility and has a major degree of autonomy over the project.
    • We shorten the lines of communication, improving coordination and customer response time
    • Repetitive projects increase the efficiency and capabilities of the specialists.
    • A higher level of commitment and motivation is achieved.
    • It is simple and flexible, it helps the understanding and the implementation.
    • The integrated management of each project is improved.
  3. Corporate Strategy

    Corporate Strategy


    We have chosen to DIFFERENTIATE OURSELVES from the competition, developing projects "personalized" with renowned professionals with experience in the sector. We strive for QUALITY demanded by our customers in each of the projects in which we participate.

    Our business strategy is focused towards SUSTAINED GROWTH, with the following scheme:


    To achieve our strategic objectives, we are open to form PARTNERSHIPS with related and complementary companies that generate multiplier effects on improvements, sharing resources and capabilities, with relationships based on TRUST.

  4. Integrated Management System

    Integrated Management System


    The direction of ORGACONSULTING, a leader in the Provision of consultancy services for the improvement in the efficiency of processes of the health sector, as well as in the design and development of the computer applications required, is aware of the continuing evolution of the demands of the market and the importance of providing its clients with a few services in conformity with their needs and expectations, as well as the relevance of the respect for the environment and the conservation of our environment, demanded increasingly by the society.

    With the introduction of the Integrated Management System, in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, the organization is committed to achieving continuous improvement in all its processes, by monitoring their indicators, with continued guidance toward the safety and health of their workers (SST), managing its facilities with the improvements possible practices to prevent accidents at work, as well as with the pollution prevention and significant environmental impacts,.

    According to all this, the principles on which ORGACONSULTING based its integrated policy management are:

    • Involvement of all our personnel, continuously enhancing its training, improving the way of internal communication, as well as promoting and developing systems for the participation of all staff in the continuous improvement.
    • Efficiently Assign roles and responsibilities of the staff, giving them the economic and technical means necessary for the effective development of their work.
    • Create a culture within the organization that can anticipate the needs of our customers, taking as its main objective the full satisfaction of their expectations.
    • Have the mechanisms defined within the organization to establish and achieve the quality objectives as well as the environmental goals and OSH.
    • Commitment to continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and environmental performance and OSH.
    • Use rational mode of material resources, promote energy saving and reduction of waste production.

    The direction of ORGACONSULTING assumes responsibility for ensuring continued compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements that affect our activity, environmental requirements, security and other requirements to which it subscribes, as well as that this quality policy, Prevention of Occupational Hazards and environmental, can spread in the company, by contributing to our suppliers, customers and partners.

    ORGACONSULTING makes available to anyone who asks for the present policy of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.